How local property management firms can compete and win against the national firms.

If you are a small to medium sized property management firm you’ve probably run into the national firms coming into your territory and stealing your clients. If you’re business focuses on the multi-site commercial clients you’re feeling the heat even more. The national firms have an impressive array of technology that they claim will allow them to better manage contractors, keep better records, provide better management reporting, and generally improve the whole communication process and work flow from the client to the property manager to the field service teams. 

The problem with the national management firms is that they rely on local vendors to do the work and interact with the customer.  Everything is done by email and telephone and there is no personal interaction from the national firms and consequently the client and vendor turnover with the national firms is high.  Even through local companies have the advantage in better service and personal attention, the national firms are still beating the pants off many local firms simply because of the advantage of their technology.

Up until now, if you’ve looked into buying or building your own technology platform to compete with the national firms you’ve come to the realization that it is prohibitively expensive not only for the software itself, the per user fees are crazy high and the IT support staff you need to implement the solution is just way too expensive. 

This is where FieldVision helps to level the playing field.  FieldVision by DTSI is a mobile application platform that was built with small to medium sized property management (and field service companies) firms in mind.  With FieldVision, a property management firm can collaborate with internal staff, field service teams and with the end customer all with one mobile platform.  Property managers and their customers and crews can get up-to-date information on the status of all work, historical records of all work completed on a property (documented with photos and video), instant access to work in progress and excellent management reporting capabilities.  With your local presence and the technology advantages provided by FieldVision, your organization can outperform any national property management organization out there. 

FieldVision by DTSI is the easiest and most affordable mobile application system available for property owners, managers and field service providers. 

Get the advantage back and get FieldVision by DTSI today. FieldVision is available for free on the App Store and Google Play by searching for: FieldVision by DTSI