FieldVision by DTSI

FieldVision by DTSI is a mobile application designed for property managers and field service providers to solve the problems that each face every day in the course of their work.  Crews that go out into the field to perform work need a means of tracking that work and also proving to the client that the work has been done satisfactorily.  Property owners and managers need a way to track and verify that the field service crews are performing the work required and that the work is done well.


One of the biggest problems for field service companies and their clients (property managers) is the lack of visibility regarding the status of work to be performed at remote locations.  Companies providing the services do not know exactly when services are to be completed and property managers are not notified when services are completed.  This is particularly true of field services operations (snow removal, landscaping, facilities maintenance, etc.) whereby the customer or property manager is not at the property at the time of service.  Because of this lack of communication, property managers and field supervisors often need to resort to phone calls to ask whether a property has been serviced or not and when the next service is scheduled.  FieldVision solves these problems by giving field crews the ability to update their work status and to have that information made instantly available to their supervisors, customers and property managers.  This capability provides a significant strategic and economic value to both service provider and property managers.




Both property managers and field service companies have become inundated with unorganized collections of individual photos which are often sent back and forth via text messages and email.  Property managers and service providers sometimes have so many photos of properties that the photos that they may want to find on a particular day have become lost among the thousands of photos on their devices and computers.  FieldVision solves the problem of organizing photos by associated each photo with a property or work order. 



  • Available on the Google Play Store for Android users and on the App Store for iPhone users

  • Supports both English and Spanish

  • Track work at one property or thousands of properties

  • Create one-time work orders or work orders for recurring services (i.e. weekly, monthly, etc.)

  • Supports data entry even if no internet connection is available

  • Usable across all field service categories (i.e. lawn maintenance, snow removal, HVAC, janitorial, and many more)

  • Keep a visual record of your properties and work associated with those properties

  • Enter properties, create work orders and assign work orders to work groups

  • Create work groups to group people who work on the same work orders

  • Instantly share photos and work information (T&M, Fixed Price, etc.) with all parties in the workgroup

  • Scalable from one person operations to enterprises with thousands of field service technicians and properties

  • User definable service categories and service codes enables any company to utilize FieldVision to collaborate and manage their field service operations

  • Automated data export gives administrative users the ability to import Fieldvision data into in-house systems for billing, reporting or other uses.

  • FieldVision is based on a REST API so that your enterprise can integrate it with your own work order tracking system if you like